S7 SOLAR can provide turnkey solutions for your solar needs—be they a simple residential installation, or industrial power plant development. From engineering, procurement, construction, to commissioning; we have you covered.


S7 SOLAR can develop and operate Solar Plants for concession periods or permanently, depending on the contract (BOT & BOO respectively).


S7 SOLAR can supply its own heavy-duty solar panel racking.

We can conduct research to develop new solar technologies or to improve current ones, and are involved in other energy sectors; visit s7green.com for more details.

What impression would you like to preserve, what do you want to be perceived as by your clients or guests:

destructive, detrimental, regressive, ignorant, selfish, cold, sour, and unpleasant?

Or, would you--like everyone else--prefer to see awe and admiration in the eyes of your clients or guests,

when they observe your conscientious dedication to the environment, to our society, and your migration to the future? Would you prefer to be viewed as a nurturing, perceptive, ethical, smart, loving, and peaceful business or household; the choice is yours.

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